Keeso at the Barnyard with

Keeso at the Barnyard.
I have to admit to the readers of this review, that it is my first and I have never before attended a live juke joint performance. I have experienced many live concerts from Punk Rock to Rap, and never felt the warmth, surprise, and respect for a club and a recently developed artist, until the night I watched Keeso’s perform at the Barnyard.
I was impressed by the music and lyrics as I listened intently next to a speaker that emitted the sounds that filled the club. Keeso’s group electrified the audience, each song he and the patrons emotionally sung in unison to rhythmic melodies, exceptional lead guitar chords, and heartfelt lyrics.
What I really found surprising was the handsome crowd the Barnyard attracts; not only did I find the people warm and friendly, but as the night transpired I discovered some were talented; as they replaced Keeso’s musicians and informally exhibited their talents.
I was able to speak with the Mississippi born artist raised in Southern California, who I found friendly and pleasantly respectable. He didn’t seem to mind being interviewed, as he attentively answered my questions. I was impressed by his achievements in music, from working with Whitney Houston to being endorsed by Fender.
I like to thank: Alex Shiloh, Demetrius, Keeso, the band, and everyone who attended that particular night, for letting me feel so comfortable, while having my surreal experience.
Review by:
James Anderson

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