Rapper Meek Mill is a Camp Hill state prison inmate: What we know

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Meek Mill is inmate ND8400 at state prison in Camp Hill, but how he ended up there is the source of much debate.

His supporters see the man behind the musician, a 30 year old suffering from an opioid addiction and being made an example of by a Philadelphia judge. He popped some wheelies on his dirt bike, traveled outside of Pennsylvania for shows and got into an altercation with a St. Louis airport employee who was taking his photo.

That unfairly yielded 2 to 4 years in prison, according to more than 250,000 people who’ve signed a petition asking Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf for help. Dozens of celebrities have also expressed support for Mills and slammed the racial disparities in the criminal justice system.

Common Pleas Court Judge Genece Brinkley is part of that system. She sees a man who has been in an out of her courtroom for a decade, defying her 10-year probation order.

“I gave you break after break, and you basically just thumbed your nose at this court,” she said during sentencing Monday.

She sees the man known legally as Robert Rihmeek William, who was on probation since a 2008 conviction for dealing drugs and gun possession.

He’s the Philly rapper with a national audience, who was arrested twice this year:

March. He was charged with a misdemeanor for an altercation with a St. Louis airport employee who was trying to take his photo
August. He was charged with reckless driving while filming a music video and illegally riding his dirt bike in Manhattan.
Charges were dropped in the first case and Mills took a dismissal deal in the second, according to the New York Times.

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