‘All Eyez On Me’ Producer L.T. Hutton Blasts Wack 100 Over Lies!



It seems like everyone has been calling out part time internet gangsta, part time The Game’s manager, Wack 100!

Wack 100 always has a lot to say about everyone, especially the late, great Tupac! The man has made himself look like a certified Tupac hater as he tries to discredit the legendary rapper every chance he gets.

A lot of folks want to know why Wack 100 is talking so tough and so bad about Pac over 20 years later. Why wasn’t Wack running his mouth when Suge Knight was still out of jail, some have asked?

Where was Wack all of this time? Is he really respected? Was he really out there in the trenches and in these streets?

Anyway ‘All Eyez On Me’ biopic producer L.T. Hutton has now clapped back at @InfoMinds seeming to imply that Wack 100 has been talking shhhh about the forthcoming Tupac biopic, ‘All Eyez On Me’, and telling straight lies!

@InfoMinds stirred the pot in regards to the controversy Wack 100 has been causing by [Wack] slandering Tupac’s name and character. @InfoMinds also claims that the film’s director Benny Boom and Wack 100 both invited Wack 100 to see the film 3 times, despite all of the slander.

L.T. clapped back saying,

“You on everybody page talking crazy I did not invite nobody no where I don’t do the SM bulls-t can’t know body Run my pockets!!!! Stop. I’m not going to give that bulls-t no attention or light.”

I don’t know who this @InfoMinds cat is, but I like him and most, want to know how Wack is getting a way with so much Tupac disrespect!

Here is @lthutton in my DM's implying @Wack100 is allegedly  talking "bullshit" about seeing the #2pac biopic movie "3 times"??? Is LT is implying Wack is a lying Bozo ? LT is the director of the upcoming 2pac Biopic Mr Hutton wants to come at me with a tone, but doesn't address the bozo silicon valley Piru @Wack100 for slandering and lying on Pacs name. There is a pic of @Bennyboom with @Wack100 and @losangelesconfidential at what appears to be a 2pac biopic screening, so who is lying? You invited Puffy and Wack100 to watch private screenings of the Tupac biopic, why not invite Keffe D and Orlando Anderson's ghost while you are at it?  Those 2 Outlawz @young_noble @edidono4l sold Pac out, lets be real here…@Wack100 got all these grown men scared with his "OnPiru" screaming voice. How can you eat off Pac, but not defend his name from slander and lies? If someone talked smack about the late great BIG, they would be checked faster than Usain Bolt. There are certain lines which shouldn't be crossed, everyone looking corny for co signing and associating with this @Wack100. Pac might not have been a gangsa,, but he was more gangsta than @Wack100.  The MOB embraced 2pac, you however, they didnt even know you. #youwasntthere, you didnt live it, stop lying to these kids, you are a history revisionist. I got folks from Suges neighborhood DMing me telling me @Wack100 is a fraud. Your gangsta routine has run out of steam, it has run its course. Read my previous post if you want to learn about @wack100 #wack100 #2pac #tupac

A post shared by infominds (@infominds) on May 1, 2017 at 4:27pm PDT


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