(Video) Malia Obama Twerks And Lets Just Say Shows More Than She Should At Lollapalooza


Malia Obama has been on the headlines lately. Seems like she does not plan to slow down. While at Lollapalooza she was being recorded by a fan and decided to twerk a lil sum. But while twerking a lil sum, she showed a whole lot. Check in after the jump to see the video.

By: BreadFox Instagram || Twitter

Malia grabbed headlines earlier in the year when she posted a selfie in a Pro Era shirt.

President’s Daughter Rocks Pro Era T-shirt

Well what she did yesterday is surely going to grab the attention of everything under the sun. While at Lollapalooza she was turnt as any other teenager would be. Videos were everywhere yesterday of the 18 year old soon to be college student having an amazing time.

(Photo + Video) Malia Obama Was Super Turnt At Lollapalooza

But like most amazing college nights the embarrassing stuff doesn’t really ever pop up till the morning after. This incredible night is no different. A video this morning has surfaced of the Obama twerking and showing just a bit too much. In the video you can see a part of her uhh lets just say back side. I just hope the media doesn’t get too disrespectful and realizes that at the end of the day Malia is still a teenager. Yes, she is an Obama, but nonetheless she is still a teenager. Check out the video below and weigh in on what you think.


Ayeeeee work #MaliaObama! #lollapalooza #chicago #macmiller

A video posted by Baller Alert (@balleralert) on Jul 30, 2016 at 11:18am PDT





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