EX-NFL QB MARCUS VICK INSANE POLICE VIDEO Running from Cops, Captured at Gunpoint


TMZ Sports has obtained insane footage of ex-NFL quarterback Marcus VickMichael Vick‘s brother — literally running from cops during an incident back in April … before being captured at gunpoint.

It all started at a gym in Newport News, Virginia — when cops were questioning the 32-year-old about a warrant out for his arrest stemming from a civil case.

Vick spoke with cops for nearly 10 minutes before suddenly deciding to make a run for it — shoving 2 cops out of the way, breaking tackles — and SPRINTING down the street.

Cops gave chase … but Vick is WAYYYYYYY FASTER (he ran a 4.42 in the 40 at the 2006 NFL Combine).

It seemed like he was going to get away — but the cops stayed with him, and Vick eventually tired out … sat down on the ground and gave himself up.

But when the trailing officer caught up to Vick — he drew his weapon, pointed it at the seated Vick and ordered him to show his hands and get on his stomach.

The whole thing is pretty intense … but Vick is eventually taken into custody without further incident.

He was later convicted of resisting arrest and sentenced to a year in jail with 11 months suspended. He also got 12 months probation.

By the way, at the end the video you can hear one of the cops say … “If he ran I knew we weren’t gonna catch him.”











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