Jim Jones Calls Mona Scott-Young An Evil B*tch, Says Dame Dash Stole Money



Jim Jones isn’t one to hold back how he truly feels, so he let out all of his feelings during a recent interview with the Streetz Is Watchin Shade 45 radio show.

During his interview he broke down a few things. He let everyone know that he and Cam’ron are actually cool, and that people shouldn’t read too much into their social media antics.

He stated that he is the reason that Love & Hip Hop exists, as he laid the blueprint. He also went on to call Mona Scott-Young an evil b-tch, and he said he would never make amends with Yandy Smith as he doesn’t make up with people he’s made enemies out of. He also made sure to let folks know that Yandy worked for him.

Jim Jones also touched on relaunching his Vamp Life clothing line because Dame Dash stole money from him, and Mase getting famous in a matter of 8 months and fame going to his head.

He also touched on Cam falling out with Mase over the “Horse & Carriage” video. You have to love Jim’s honesty and transparency.




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