ATL’s Skooly Denies Any Role In Bankroll Fresh’s Murder! Internets Speak!


You know, we stay out of these affairs, but the cat is out of the bag. Now, you already know…we said the streets knew. It only took the internets a few days to catch up, but when they did…they went in. Just peep the tweets and see for yourself. These clearly are not substantiated allegations or legal proceedings in any way, shape or form, but people are certainly pissed off at Skooly! And he replies to the allegations that he had a role in the death of Bankroll Fresh.








What do you think? We certainly don’t know. BUT, Skooly was allegedly at Street Execs Studio with a dude named No Plug that seemed to have open beef with Bankroll Fresh and that’s what people are homing in on. On his Instagram, Skooly addressed it and basically said he was innocent of the street allegations. “Tell em get it from da Source! Don’t FUCC Wit All da Word of Mouth!! #longLiveTreNt #LongLiveBankroll #MrStreetMoneyHimSelf #WeMadeHitsTogether.”
See more below….








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