2Pac’s Handwritten Notes & Unreleased Music Are Up For Sale


There are still millions of Tupac Shakur fans that would love to be able to hear unreleased tracks from the Hip Hop icon. One lucky buyer may be able to get his or her hands on some of Pac’s never-before-heard records.

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TMZ reports some of the late rapper’s music and handwritten notes are being sold to the highest bidder. The items were reportedly given to the seller when he answered a Craigslist’s ad for baseball cards. The person was then offered the Pac memorabilia as well. The original owner’s father supposedly worked with Pac at some point.

The collector’s items include CDs and 3 notebooks with two pages of music video notes for the song “Point The Finga” off 1993’s Strictly 4 My N.*.G.G.A.Z. albumThe 2Pac estate and his surviving relatives are very protective of the emcee’s legacy and image. The family is said to be attempting to block the sale of the items.

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