Max B Speaks on Kanye West’s ‘Waves’


Last week, Wiz Khalifa went on a Twitter rant aimed at Kanye West for usingWaves as his album title. He was defending Max B who used the term wavy all throughout his career. Since then, ‘Ye and Wiz have patched up their differences. But what does Max B — who’s serving 75 years on murder conspiracy —  actually think about the situation?

“It’s all love, I appreciate it,” Max tells The Breakfast Club. “I’m flattered dudes are even acknowledging the situation.”

Max goes on to say he doesn’t think Kanye got the title directly from him. “He got it from the atmosphere,” he says. “And the atmosphere got it from me.”

There’s also a new Max B documentary being released by DJ Scoob Doo that Max urges everyone to not support since it’s not official through him. He does let the fans know that one is coming with unreleased footage he has, but he didn’t specify when it’ll be coming.

Listen to the audio below.

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