Did Jim Jones Take A Shot At Cam’ron & Mendeecees?


Photos via Jim Jones & Cam’ron’s Instagram

It looks like Jim Jones (still) isn’t feeling Love & Hip Hop’s Mendeecees or a recent post byCam’ron about him. Cam posted a clip from Mendeecees’s music video with the caption,

“Yo @yandysmith the Boi @mendeecees might of caught one wit this.. And @therealkiss on it?! #Harlem”

In the clip Mendeecees raps,

“Tell me who the f*ck I’m snitching on, never that, never that; I’ve never been a rat……….street n*gga.”

Apparently Jim Jones was not here for it as he posted on Instagram,

“I see yal cool wit being cool wit snitches must b th new wave u n*ggas been talking bout.”

He went on to say,

“#TheDemiseOfTheReal but u n*ggas is #lit though lol cool.”

Can’t we all just get along lol.






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