Pharmaceutical CEO Offers to Bail Out Bobby Shmurda


Martin Shkreli, CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals, has offered to pay Bobby Shmurda’s $2 million bail and he also said he would throw in an additional $2 million for the rapper’s legal fees. However, Shkreli told HipHopDX that he’s not doing the favor without strings attached, adding, “I’m a fan and I’m a business man. Look, the guy’s going to have to record for me if he comes out. I’ll just come out and say it… I’m not going to do this for free.”

Shkreli then revealed that he’s in talks with Bobby’s people to bail the rapper out “We’re actually in discussion to try to bail out Bobby Shmurda,” he added, “He deserves a fair trial. He deserves good lawyers. He doesn’t have good lawyers. His label is hanging him out to dry and so I have a conference call tomorrow morning with them (December 15). I’ll show up with $2 million bail money no fucking problem. He’s not going to flee the country. I’m not going to lose anything. I’m going to try to make that happen. That’s one thing I’m working on.”

He added, “He’s going to have to do something for me. I don’t know what that’s going to look like yet. He’s going to owe me one, obviously. I’d like to pay for his legal defense as well. I’m a big fan but also I’m an opportunist. You know that. I see an opportunity here.”

You may have seen Shkreli’s name in the news recently, as he was revealed as the person who purchased Wu-Tang’s secret album, Once Upon a Time in Shaolin, for $2 million. He also made headlines for buying the rights to AIDS medication Daraprim, which he raised from $13.50 per pill to a staggering $750 per pill, which RZA spoke about after the sale of the album.

The Wu-Tang rapper told Bloomberg Business Week, “The sale was agreed upon in May…well before Martin Skhreli’s [sic] business practices came to light,” which offended Shkreli. He told HipHopDX, “I felt insulted. If I hand you $2 million, fucking show me some respect. At least have the decency to say nothing or ‘no comment.'”

Do you think Shmurda will take Shkreli’s offer?



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