Who Punched Wiz In The Face😱👊🏿😳

November 11, 2015: Rapper Wiz Khalifa showed up to the club yesterday looking VERY BADLY BEATEN. It’s not yet clear who did that to him . . . but they must have been REALLY UPSET WITH HIM!!!

In unrelated news, last week there were RUMORS that Wiz Khalifa was messing around with Rick Ross fiance Lira Galore. Lira has since DENIED that she ever messed with Wiz.

Right now, the Pittsburgh-bred rapper wants less violence in his life . . . and more loving. He’s just released a new single, “F**c Day.” Just in case you can’t figure what it’s about from the title, Wiz is explaining to his latest love that he’s going to be putting it down for her in the bedroom.

Wiz is also back in the studio, working on his next album Rolling Papers 2: The Weed Album. Let’s hope the beatdown don’t affect his vocal pipes.who punched wiz in the face?image

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