Here’s A Version Of N.W.A.’s “F**k Tha Police” You’ve (Probably) Never Heard

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    N.W.A. fans may have already known much of the story as seen in the worldwide biopic, Straight Outta Compton, but it looks like a lost file was just uncovered. An unearthed version of the rap group’s 1988 hit, “F**k Tha Police” aired on the Internet The final version of “F*ck Tha Police” was presented as a protest song, which inflammatory lyrics towards police injustices sparked a lot of tension and controversy While keeping the trend of controversial lyrics, the unreleased version swaps many of Ice Cube’s lyrics like his original opening line, “F*ck the police coming straight from the underground/ A young n****a got it bad cause I’m brown,” for “Stereotypes of a brother like me/ Down with the n***as from the CPT posse/ They callin’ me a thug ’cause I carry a piece/ That’s why I say, F**k police!’”

Including the single’s switched-up rhymes, it appears to have other added elements on its final cut, pointing out the abuse of authority on the police’s side. According to the video, this unreleased track is one of three versions to the track. Ice Cube has yet to comment on the 1988 demo, but it is possible that fans we will be getting the second and third demos soon.

In the meantime, listen to the part one of the unreleased “F**k Tha Police” below.

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