EXCLUSIVE! The D.O.C. Explains How He Hooked Up with Dr. Dre & NWA


The D.O.C. sat down for a rare interview with VladTV, where he opened up about first linking up with Dr. Dre, writing Eazy-E’s hit track “We Want Eazy,” and more.

During the sit-down The D.O.C. also addressed rumors that he sold his publishing for a gold chain, which he told us is untrue. He added that “I don’t even think being ignorant to the game I would’ve said that.”

The interview touched on The D.O.C.’s relationship with Eazy-E, and the Texas-born artist said he tried to follow Eazy’s swag when he first started out in the game. He explained that despite Eazy not having talent as a rapper, The D.O.C. said the West Coast emcee had the “it factor” that made him a star.

Check out more of the interview above, including how The D.O.C. felt about not being in the “We Want Eazy” credits and more.

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