Mexican Drug Cartel Members Show Off Insane Wealth On Instagram!


Members of Mexican cartel families are starting a whole new kind of war, taking the narco wars online to try to earn the title of Narco King of Instagram.

Using hashtags such as #narcos and #narcostyle, these cartel members are using Instagram and Twitter to show off their insane wealth, showing the excess and luxury that their lifestyle can afford.rare-glimpse-inside-life-of-drug-lords1

From gold-plated guns with personalized handles, to luxury car collections, the pictures offer a rare glimpse into the lavish lifestyle of the people behind the narco drug wars.

The trend was thought to have started with the children of El Chapo, the current boss of the Sinaloa Cartel who escaped from prison just a few months ago. However, other Mexican drug cartels have joined in. Pictures of beautiful women are also popular posts for these cartel members, showing off how women flock to them.



Exotic pets are also shown off, mostly big cats like lions and tigers, as well as snakes, poisonous insects, and even chimpanzees

The Sinaloa cartel reportedly has annual profits of $3 billion from their U.S. trafficking operations alone. That’s a lot of money for El Chapo’s children to spend on every luxury. Comments are mixed, with some people admiring these criminals and asking how to get involved with cartel life.


However, not everyone is an admirer. Some commenters include people who have lost loved ones to the cartels. In the last nine years, an estimated 60,000 to 80,000 Mexicans have died in cartel-related violence, with thousands more having disappeared.

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