Karrine Goes On Twitter Rant: Lil Wayne’s Sex Tape Is So Dry


Time and time again author Karrine Steffans has shared stories about her trysts with Lil Wayne. This morning, however, the former vixen was not prepared to see what she calls a mediocre sex tape of him starring two unknown women.

Earlier today a video made it’s way around the Internet showing Lil Wayne allegedly having unprotected sex with two strippers. At some point it fell into the hands of Karrine, who is calling it “the saddest little porn tape there ever was.” “Chile…that @LilTunechi sex tape is so dry. Brought flash backs of texting and looking at the ceiling in missionary for 8 years. Sigh,” she tweeted while questioning what Drake is doing at the moment. “Listen, I can only protect a dude for so long. Once the sex tape drops, the jig is up!”

Naturally, Twitter began badgering her about both the tape and her comments, to which she responded with a lengthy rant. “Just because a man is rich and famous and raps, doesn’t mean he has amazing sex. Just like all black men don’t have large penises,’ Karrine wrote. “And the fact that both MEN and women are all up in arms b/c I said this sex tape is as dry as I expected, is weird.”

Read all of her thoughts about the tape in the gallery.

Source: Twitter

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