Diddy Takes The No. 1 Spot On The Forbes’ Hip-Hop Cash Kings List

50-cent-instagram1 (1)

50 Cent does not want the details of his Vitamin Water deal mentioned during his bankruptcy case, according to published reports. During a court visit on Sept. 15th, Fif claimed that if the details are made public it could negatively impact his future business deals because companies that want to negotiate with him will have the upper hand.

In 2004, 50 partnered up with Glaceau, who owns Vitamin Water, for his own drink, Formula 50. In exchange for being the face of the brand, he was given a share in the company. When Coca-Cola bought Glaceau for $4.1 billion in 2007, 50 was paid $100 million for his shares in the company. He also signed a deal with Coca-Cola stating that the could still use him as the endorser, but that deal ended in 2009. In that deal, it states that discussing how much 50 was paid to promote the brand was prohibited.

The judge has not decided whether to honor 50’s request.

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