Lil’ Wayne Says Nicki Minaj And Drake Will Leave Cash Money

nicki-minaj-drake-instagram (1)

Lil’ Wayne claims that Nicki Minaj and Drake are getting the same ill treatment that he got when he was at Cash Money and they may be jumping ship soon too.

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TMZ reports that Weezy filed new documents in his lawsuit against Cash Money alleging that Nicki and Drake are being mismanaged. He claims that he is not the only one that the label owes and that they are refusing to pay other people what they are owed as well. The Young Money boss says that the shady business will lead to the two parting ways with the company soon.

The man who discovered Drake, J. Prince, also alleges that Birdman promised him a big percentage of Cash Money’s profits from Drake’s career and only gave him $2 million. Drake has reportedly grossed $40 million for the label.

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