Snoop Dogg Feels Sorry For Suge Knight(Video)


Snoop Dogg stopped by DJ Whoo Kid’s The Whoolywood Shuffle to speak on a bunch of topics. The most interesting being was his relationship with Suge Knight and his thoughts about Knight’s murder trial.

“I feel sorry for him,” he said “I made up with him and we got on a great page before this nonsense started happening. I play the role of being the big man. I don’t ever kick a man when he’s down and I always look forward to building a relationship with someone I had a relationship with. And a lot of times I feel like it be a misunderstanding and it be people in the entourage as opposed to the two people really hating each other. I never hated him and he never really hated me. How could you hate me when I made you $100 million and how could I hate you when you help me build a team to beat my murder case. I didn’t forget about that. It’s a give and take thing. I always have a open heart for him.”

The West Coast OG also gave his thoughts about Keith Stanfield playing him in the N.W.A’s upcoming biopic Straight Outta Compton. Snoop loved Stanfield acting in the film but also wouldn’t have minded if Nipsey Hu$$le was the one portraying him.

“He’s dope, it’s hard to be me but he did a great job,” Snoop said. “I felt the emotion of Snoop Dogg, not so much the look. I would of preferred Nipsey Hu$$le as far as the look.”

He also talked about his new album BUSH, freestylin’ with 2Pac back in the day, Drop It Like It’s Hot dropping eleven years ago, the upcoming Presidential Election with his thoughts on Hillary Clinton and much more. Watch the interview above.

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