Amber Rose Nude Ig Leaked Photos



Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose seem to be in a almost-nude Instagram photo competition and the Internet appears to be the winner. On the same day that Kardashian, 34, revealed the cover to “Selfish”– her appropriately titled selfie book– Kanye West’s wife also shared some stunning images of herself in a fur bikini. A comparison was soon drawn to model Amber Rose– who happens to be West’s ex-girlfriend– since she has been posting some risqué Instagram pictures herself lately.

When Twitter users like Nigel Int’l D. proposed the question “Who is sexier,” netizens were quick to respond. Kim K soon began a trending topic on Twitter, as people discussed whose body– and booty–reigned supreme.

After three hours on Instagram, Kardashian had acquired more than 1.5 million likes combined for her three images from her 24.7 million followers. The reality star used captions like, “Baby it’s cold outside” and “Boots with the fur,” which are both references to songs. The bikini, or “furkini” as Kardashian called it, was apparently created by West.

With two days on IG, Rose received more than 430,000 likes for her nude rain photo from her 3.9 million followers. After she posted a picture of herself in a string bikini, which consisted of just a string, Rose accumulated more than 1.2 million likes for her four eyebrow-raising images. Rose referred to herself as a MILF and Stifler’s mother, which is a reference to the “American Pie” movie.

Rose’s pictures even got the attention of her estranged husband Wiz Khalifa. “Yes, my baby’s mother is fine as f—,” he wrote on Twitter Saturday.

West hasn’t commented on Kardashian’s newest revealing pictures, but in the past he has supported her when she posted sultry images on social media.

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