Bobby Shmurda Speaks From Riker’s Island


In a recent Billboard interview with an incarcerated Bobby Shmurda, the BK rapper discusses the issues surrounding his case

Ackquille Pollard, a.k.a. Bobby Shmurda, speaks to Billboard for the first time after his December 17 arrest, when the NYPD raided Quad Recording studios in Times Square. He is currently in custody on Riker’s Island with a $2 million bail.

The Brooklyn native is best known for the hit song “Hot N***a”, the very song that got him indicted. He also put out a video that made the “Shmoney dance” uber popular. He’s had a promising career, up until the recent raid at Quad.

Pollard’s attorney, Howard Greenberg, says his client had been falsely accused.

“Does it make sense that he would resort to committing crimes when he has the world in the palm of his hand? It’s ridiculous.”

In the exclusive interview, Bobby Shmurda claims that he feels “everyone in the court is being biased”, and showing favoritism. He doesn’t agree the bill should be so high, since he is an upcoming artist that hasn’t made anything close to a million yet.

We can pay the 10%, and we tried to pay the 10% and they told us collateral…and every time we go for bail, it’s something new.”

Bobby went on to say he is doing fine, and the rumors of him getting stabbed are just rumors. His fellow inmates are showing love, and he is keeping in contact with associates like Meek Mill, French Montana, and Migos for support.

Billboard asked Shmurda if he has a message for his fans, and he stated:

Yeah. Keep your head up. Everybody goes through tough times and good times. You know what, tough times don’t last forever. I say, God makes his toughest battles for his strongest soldiers.”

The young rising star is hopeful, and intends to finish his deal with Epic upon his release.

-Infinite Wiz(@InfiniteWiz)

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