Oh My: Rapper ‘Starship God’ Claims He Got ‘F*cked in the A*s’ By Birdman for His Record Deal [Video]


Rapper StarshipGod, who claims to be affiliated with RichGang,  is making waves this morning after he uploaded a video to Instagram in which he claims he let Cash Money head Birdman‘f*ck’ him to get a record deal.


In the clip, StarshipGod very candidly states:

But anyway, yeah. Birdman fucked me. He fucked me in the ass for the deal. I’ma be real — I sucked Birdman’s dick.

Say what now?

We’ve never heard of a ‘StarshipGod’ and we’re willing to bet you haven’t either.

Birdman’s been plagued by gay rumors since the early 2000s… but this right here is out of control.

Check out Starship’s video below.

The kid also posted a picture of Birdman along with the caption:

@birdman5star BAE GIMME SUM DICK? I NEED IT.


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