Pr0n Star Mia Khalifa Puts Drake On Blast For Sliding Into Her DMs


Pr0n star Mia Khalifa has officially put Drake on blast. Without saying his name—but making it obvious she was talking about the Toronto rapper—the no. 1 ranked “actress” on Pr0nhub said Drizzy was creeptastically sliding into her Instagram DMs.

Khalifa called into the The Page Q Sports Show Sunday night (Jan. 25) to talk about whatever pr0n stars talk about and the topic arrived at famous people trying holla at her via social media.

Reports Man Cave Daily:

Mia was asked about which famous people have tried contacting her since she became famous. After appearing a little reluctant to divulge the information, she loosened up:

Host: How ’bout this. Give me a name it rhymes with.

Mia: Oh my god. Ummm. It rhymes with…”rake.”

But the ultimate struggle is that Khalifa, no relation to Wiz, said Drake’s DM surfing was the stuff creeps are made of.

And did Rake follow her on Twitter and creep through direct message all smooth, like most famous people? Of course not. He actually sent her a half-naked picture on Instagram, like a horny teenager. Because, of course Rake would do that.

She liked it, though, right?

“It was so cringeworthy. The whole thing was cringeworthy.”

And now…

This is…telling you it’s a slow news day. Hit the next page for her outing Drake.

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