Check Out This Photo of MMG & Nicki Minaj


Meek Mill is definitely a Dream Chaser with this one.

Look at the picture above, MMG looks to be in good spirits with Meek Mill free, Waleheading on tour and everyone at peace with one another. If you notice, Meek Mill (who just released new music) is cuddled up the “Anaconda” emcee. There have been rumors that these two are more than just collaborators.

This picture answers all questions about their relationship status. The pair are rumored to be seeing each other on a deeper level, with both of them sharing new Instagram pictures with each other during the past week. Also, both emcees have been on each other’s singles, with Nicki Minaj continuing to shine on Meek’s “I Be On Dat” track, and the MMG representer lending his vocals on Nicki’s “Buy A Heart” and “Big Daddy” on her Pink Print album.

And just a month ago, when Minaj interviewed on the Angie Martinez show where Meek’s name was brought up and quickly shut down the dating gossip. She exclaimed, “Let me clear this up: I am SINGLE,” and then went on to say, “People are just assuming these things and I don’t know why. This is my friend. I’m just hanging out. We don’t look at each other like that at all!”

This could very well be a friendship after all, but it wouldn’t hurt the rap game if we had a new power couple on the block. But I’m convinced, they are looking super cozy on that couch… and that definitely isn’t a friendzone hug in my eyes. Maybe Meek Mill’s wishes from 2010 have come true. Check out the tweets below to see what I’m alluding to.


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